Various Accidental Inventions Which Became Very Famous

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There is a famous saying, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. And this is obviously true in every case. Some inventions are just weird whereas some inventions take birth just like an accident.

Today, we would like to share you some accidental inventions that became very famous which are ignorable by most of the people.

1. Teflon


Chemist Roy J. Plunkett was trying to create a new variety of chlorofluorocarbons. He went out for a bit and found nothing but a few white flakes. Intrigued by it, he began to experiment with its properties. The new substance that came out is now used as a non-stick cookware.


2. Coca-Cola


In 1886, the civil war-veteran-turned-pharmacist, John Pemberton accidentally came up with a medication which would include cocaine as a substitute for the problematic drug morphine. He claimed that this fizzy drink Coca-Cola cure many diseases like impotence,  morphine addiction, indigestion, and headache.


3. Ice-Cream Cones


Today we see that ice cream is also served in cones which are favorite to many people. This idea of serving ice cream in cones came out as ice cream serving plates were over. Yes, during a fair in 1904, one ice cream stall ran out of plates and so owners decided to roll up the waffles and plopped the ice-cream on top.


4. Velcro


An amateur mountaineer George de Mestral, also a Swiss engineer in 1948 noticed how burrs would cling to his clothes and dog’s fur when he went hiking with his dog. Later, Mestral observed the tiny hooks that stuck burrs to fabrics and furs. After 8 years old research, Mestral was able to replicate the effects in his laboratory.


5. Chocolate-Chip Cookies


American chef named Ruth Graves Wakefield could whip-up the tastiest desserts in Massachusetts in 1938. Some customers ordered for some chocolate biscuits but Mrs. Wakefield ran out of baker’s chocolate. Then, she quickly chopped some chocolate and added it to the batter hoping that it would spread evenly throughout the mixture after baking. However, it did not. But the result is welcomed by most of the people.

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