Various Accidental Inventions Which Became Very Famous

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11. Viagra


Simon Campbell and David Roberts were studying the effectiveness of a new drug and thought it would treat high blood pressure and a heart condition called angina. But when it was tested on humans, multiple patients reported that the treatment led to erections. The company launched a new clinical trial to use the drug for erectile dysfunction disorder and named it Viagra.


12. Dynamite


Gunpowder and nitroglycerin have been around for ages. However, Alfred Nobel accidentally discovered a method of containing the substance without hindering its power, resulting in people having a blast.


13. Cornflakes


In order to help his doctor brother in cooking meals for patients that too strictly vegetarian, Will Keith Kellogg left some boiled wheat sitting out for several hours. But he found the stale dough instead. Rather than throwing it away, the duo decided to send it beneath the roller, what came out was flaking. He then decided to see what would happen if he toasts them and it was a big hit. Later, tried same with other food ingredients like corn, and Cornflakes came.


14. Chewing Gum


Thomas Adams in 1870 accidentally invented this when he was experimenting with chicle, the sap from a South American tree, as a substitute for rubber. After many failed attempts, Adams popped a piece into his mouth and as a result, Adams New York No. 1 became the first mass-produced chewing gum in the world.


15. Potato Chips


In order to teach a customer a lesson, the annoyed chef George Crum in New York kept sending his french-fried potatoes back to the kitchen because they were soggy. He sliced the potato extra-thin, fried them to a crisp and drowned them in salt. He didn’t analyze that the customer would love it.

There is a hidden scientist in every one of us. Sometimes the results will be highly useful to everyone. Do you know any other accidental inventions which are worth sharing? Share us in the comments. There are some brilliant village inventions by Indians. Check out.

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