Various Accidental Inventions Which Became Very Famous

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6. Super Glue


Harry Coover, a researcher at Kodak Laboratories, stumbled upon a synthetic adhesive made from cyanoacrylate in the process of developing plastic lenses for gun sights. It is now sold under the trade name of super glue.


7. Fireworks


One Chinese cook accidentally mixed charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter together instead of sugar, spice and the items found commonly in the kitchen in those days. The mixture burned and when compressed in a Bamboo tube, it exploded.


8. Stainless Steel


Harry Brearley, an English metallurgist, who was keen to develop a better gun barrel discovered that the material he was using never lost its luster. He realized this material would be perfect for cutlery after going through a lot of tests and many failed attempts.


9. Safety Glass


Édouard Bénédictus, a French chemist, accidentally thumped a flask off of his desk and saved all of us. Looking closely at it, he realized that it was due to the presence of cellulose nitrate coated inside which kept it from coming apart.


10. Popsicles


Frank Epperson accidentally discovered Popsicle’s when he decided to make his fruit-flavored soda drink in 1905. The combination of powder and water was a very popular drink back then. He absentmindedly left the solution outside with the stirring stick inside all night. As the temperature was extremely low, it froze the mixture with the stirring stick still in it.

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