Brilliant Village Inventions By These Indians Will Make You Wonder – #4 Is Unique

cover Solar Mosquito Destroyervia

Rural India is always stereotyped to be backward and underdeveloped. However, when it comes to innovations, it has certainly broken the stereotype and has brought forth a new image. Here are some of the innovations that took place in the small villages of India. So here are ten brilliant and amazing village inventions that have come from India’s villages and brilliant minds.


1. Solar Mosquito Destroyer – Mathews K. Mathew

Solar Mosquito Destroyer, Mathews K Village Inventions

This machine attracts mosquitoes using a particular smell and gets heated up in the sun. Once the mosquitoes are trapped inside, it’s the accumulated heat that kills them. The inventor has found enough success with this one that he is working on inventing one that can deal with pesky houseflies.


2. Lemon Cutting Machine – M. Nagarajan

Lemon Cutting Machine, M

This machine is for Nimbu Pani vendors and people who are just really into lemons, it was originally conceived to reduce labour in pickle factories. The machine is capable of cutting up lemons in bulk which is extremely useful for small-scale producers where vegetables and fruits are still cut up by hand. It was invented by M. Nagarajan.


3. Mitticool – Mansukh Prajapati

Mitticool, Mansukh Prajapati

After the Gujarati earthquake in the year 2001, Mansukh Prajapati was inspired to create a fridge. The earthenware craftsman then created a fridge along with a series of appliances that naturally cool food and leave their original texture with the taste intact.


4. Gas Powered Iron – Brahman and Ajmeri

Gas Powered Iron, Brahman and Ajmeri

This iron is made to help people who live in areas with limited electricity. But with an easy access to coal, they can easily use this iron and make the work easier. Since most of the parts in India are still villages and undeveloped.


5. Automatic Food Making Machine – Abhishekh Bhagat

Automatic Food Making Machine, Abhishekh Bhagat

This device contains 12 different compartments for different ingredients. The display part lets you choose what to prepare and the dish gets ready in some time. This machine is so useful for clumsy experimentation and to make hassle-free food for families who might just want to prepare fast.