These Are The Most Dangerous Snipers In The World – What #4 Did Is Shocking

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They are very dangerous. They blend into their environment, can sit unseen for days at a time and cause panic once the enemy knows they are there. They are the snipers. These hidden hunters have stalked their enemies across the battlefield. They racked up dozens or even hundreds of kills. These snipers terrified their enemies and became legends in the process. So, here are the world’s most dangerous snipers.


1. Carlos Hathcock

Most dangerous snipers

He is a sniping legend. He may not have many movies made on him but he was deadly with a rifle. He killed 93 confirmed during the Vietnam War. He has inspired portrayal of snipers in Hollywood. Once, he crawled for 4 days to get the perfect shot of an enemy general. He was an American sniper.


2. Adelbert Waldron

Dangerous sniper

Adelbert Waldron made his mark by being the highest scoring US sniper in that conflict while serving with the 9th Infantry Division. In only 8  months of service, he achieved an impressive kill of 109 confirmed. While on a patrol boat, Waldron was able to kill an enemy sniper 900 meters away. He was also an American sniper during the Vietnam War and was one of the dangerous snipers.


3. Craig Harrison

Deadly snipers

This British sniper might have the fewest confirmed kills as anyone else in the list but still, he is considered as one of the deadliest snipers. This was because of what he did during his service in Afghanistan. He sniped two Taliban fighters at an incredible range of 2474 meters in November 2009. The targets were so beyond the target that the bullet took 6 seconds to reach the target. Amazing!


4. Chris Kyle

Most dangerous snipers

He is the highest scoring American sniper of all time in terms of confirmed kills. Everyone knows his name because of the movie “American Sniper”. He is credited with 160 official kills during his service in Iraq. His reputation became so well-known that in Iraq the enemy declared an $80,000 bounty on his head and is a prominent member of the dangerous sniper’s list.