These Outstanding Inventions By Engineers That Solves World Problems

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For every problem, there is a solution. The main problem is that we don’t even try to get a solution. For the past 10 years, engineering has become the first career option for many. Thus it degraded the name of engineering, that it increased unemployment to the core due to a lack of domain knowledge.

Everyone started making fun of engineers. But wait, there are brilliant minds, too, who found unique solutions to widespread problems.

Here are the brilliant and outstanding inventions by engineers.


1. Engineers Developed Gun Arm For Their Friend Who Lost His Arm


Yes, you read it right! Nerf blaster is modified into a playtime prosthetic by a group of Hackerloop Collective engineers for their friend who lost his arm. The prosthetic works like an actual gun arm that fires up whenever the person contracts his forearm muscles.


2. Engineering Students Created Building Blocks From Concrete Debris


In the Carbon Zero Challenge competition organized by IIT Madras, a team from Kongu Engineering College, Erode, in Tamil Nadu, he recently won an award for creating building blocks from concrete debris. The debris can be recycled into construction materials like hollow or paver blocks, which are stronger and more durable than conventional bricks and concrete blocks.


3. Engineer Solved Water Crisis Problem In Ladakh


Farmers in Leh were facing a severe water crisis. But not anymore; Chewang Norphel, who worked as a civil engineer with the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Development Department, designed the first artificial glacier in Leh. His invention further led to creating of 17 artificial glaciers across Ladakh, solving the farmer’s problem. He was given the title “The Ice Man of India.”


4. Engineering Students Build Bluetooth-Enabled Route Guiding Helmet


Karnataka engineering students have created a ‘Bluetooth-enabled route guiding helmet.’ The unique features of this helmet include an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, a battery life of six hours, a charging port, and a cooling sheet in the front, which is better for night vision.


5. An ITI Student Created Miniature Models Of the Darjeeling Toy Train


A 24-year-old ITI student, Anurag Lakandry, created miniature models of the famous Darjeeling Toy Train to popularize toy trains around the world. Anurag is now getting orders from Singapore, London, Russia, and several other places.


6. Engineers Designed Robot With Emotional Intelligence


Vishnu Engineering, a Coimbatore-based startup, has made a prototype for a robot with emotional intelligence, the brainchild of mechanical engineer Vijay V Shah. His five-year-old startup is trying to get robots deployed more regularly in concierge services.


7. Mechanical Engineers Designed Industrial AC Helmet To Beat The Heat


Kausthub Kaundinya, Sreekanth Kommula, and Anand Kumar designed an industrial AC helmet. These three mechanical engineers are now developing an AC biker helmet to help bikers beat the heat in summer.


8. Mechanical Engineer Turned Waste Plastic Into Synthetic Fuel


A mechanical engineer from Hyderabad, Satish Kumar, used end-life plastic to recycle and turn it into synthetic fuels. He said nearly 500 kg of non-recyclable plastic can produce 400 liters of fuel. Satish Kumar said he was working on a three-step reverse engineering system where the plastics can be indirectly heated in vacuum conditions, depolymerized, gasified, and condensed.


9. Aeronautical Engineering Student Developed Green Billboard That Purifies Air


A group of students from the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) has come up with a stupendous innovation that could end the country’s air pollution woes. Dhruv Suri, an aeronautical engineering student developed a green board – a billboard that purifies the air.


10. Engineering Student Built’ Power Aid’ That Can Charge Mobile While Riding Bike


A Chennai-based engineer-cum-entrepreneur, Amam Arun, has built a ‘Powerade’ that bikers can use to charge mobiles while riding. It works on reserved potential energy from ignition that transfers the power to a mobile phone.


11. Engineering Students Are Building A Hyperloop-Like Travel Pod Prototype


Inspired by the ground-breaking “Hyperloop” travel idea of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, a group of students from BITS Pilani is planning to build a travel “pod” that will reach 1,200 km/hour within a vacuum tube.

Creativity never dies, and good thoughts, too. Instead of roaming around political parties during the campaign, if youth concentrate on their career and develop innovations that help society, it will benefit the world and their life.

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