These Are The Strange School Rules In South Korea – #5 Is Shocking

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South Korea is much famous for so many things. It has gifted us the most popular song Gangnam style, which was the heart of every party. Also, Kim Ung Yong was the Guinness record holder for having the highest IQ in the world. He belonged to South Korea. Besides all this, we have listed down the strange school rules that every South Korean follows. So Let’s Take A Look At 9 Strange School Rules in South Korea!


1. Saturday Classes

Saturday classes

Most of the nation has announced holiday on Saturday. But it is different from what South Koreans does. They have usual classes on Saturdays. This outraged the students and parents, so government modified this. Now, students have to go to Saturday classes for only 2 Saturdays a month. Some are still not happy about it.


2. School Uniform

No makeup

Every school has their dress codes. However, in South Korea students have to free from any sort of jewelry and makeup. They have been checked upon if they have any sort of extra makeup or jewelry, which is strictly not allowed. Not even small rings and chains, and even if you have put a dark lip balm, you might be in trouble.


3. The Bathroom

tissue paper

This one is really strange. Like all the other schools in the world, to go to the toilet, you just have to ask it from the teacher. Moreover, in South Korea students themselves have to take care of the tissue paper. It is said that most of the schools in South Korea do not come stocked with paper.


4. No Shoes

no shoes

As we have traditions in Indian homes, to not take shoes inside the house. This rule fits into with South Korean schools. The shoes have to be removed outside the school and slippers which are too worn. It sounds pretty comfortable though.


5. Take Out The Trash

no trash

We have previously written about the school rules of Japan where students are made to clean the school floors even. Here, in South Korea, the situation is more tragic. Students are even made to clean the garbage outside the school area.