Village Madhavaram Has Military Man From Each Family Serving The Nation

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This is not a garrison town but almost everyone living here has some connection with the defense services. It is a remarkable village with at least 1 army man in almost every household. It has a 300-year-old history of sending its men to serve in the army. Military Madhavaram village, in Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district, has even inspired films and documentaries. Here are some of the facts you’ll be surprised to know about this incredible village.


1. Every Household Has At Least One Member Serving In The Army

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In this small village of a population of about 700, every household has at least one member serving in the Indian Army. There are as many as four in some of them. This is really an incredible thing. At present, there are 109 individuals from this village who are serving in the Indian Army including 65 in the fields whereas others in the administrative posts.


2. Their Daily Lives Revolve Around Tales Of War

Military village

In this village, daily life revolves around tales of war valor. Over a hundred families in Madhavaram proudly display war decorations won by their housemates. The ex­-servicemen of the village prefer being called their own name preceded by their rank at retirement. The local women prefer getting married to military men and even the children have names like Captain, Colonel, and Major!


3. The Villagers Have Fought In Both The World Wars


In World War I, 90 soldiers from this small village fought for the British Empire during the colonial rule. The figure rose up to 1,110 in World War II.


4. The Residents Have Built A War Memorial

War memorial for soldiers in Madhavaram

The residents of Madhavaram village have built a war memorial to commemorate the sacrifice and service of its soldiers. The war memorial is similar to the lines of Delhi’s Amar Jawan Jyoti.


5. A National Award- Winning Film Kanche Is Based On This Village

Movie on Madhavaram village

Telugu director Radhakrishna ‘Krish’ Jagarlamudi made Kanche, a national award-winning film based on this village. The history and unique culture of the village inspired him to make this movie. Also, the village has inspired several other documentaries and films.


6. A Documentary On Madhavaram

A resident of Madhavaram and an ex-serviceman Urrika Seetaramaiah’s daughter Shree Ramanan has also produced a documentary on the village. Here is the documentary if you want to see it.

This village surely inspires patriots and the present teenage generation who wish to join the army. Moreover, the village’s contribution is not in vain. An Army Training Centre is in progress in Madhavaram village with support from BDL. Surely, this is an amazing village with a unique culture and tradition. India’s history has a treasure hidden of various achievements. One such is the story of World’s first iron rockets made by Tipu Sultan. Click here to read the complete story.