Brilliant Village Inventions By These Indians Will Make You Wonder – #4 Is Unique

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6. Pedal Powered Washing Machine – Remya Jose

Pedal Powered Washing Machine, Remya Jose

At the age of 14, no one does anything particularly productive. But Remya Jose was. When her mother fell ill she and her twin sister had to do the household chores which included washing clothes. Which made her come up with this amazing idea. Yet this is another example of electricity free household appliances.


7. Floating Soap – C.A. Vincent

Floating Soap, C.A

Floating soap is very common outside India. When Vincent observed people losing their soaps while bathing in rivers, he decided to reduce this kind of wastage. And after experimenting with different formulae, he came up with a floating soap. This soap floats over water and makes it easy to find it.


8. Water Tires – Madhya Pradesh

Water Tires, Madhya Pradesh

Because farmers find it difficult to run lightly weighted tractors across fields, they are usually made to buy weights for their tractors. But all these costs makes it unaffordable. This can be avoided with one simple thing like filling tires with water. This is exactly what has been done. Easy and simple.


9. Bullock Operated Sprayer – Radhey Shyam Sharma And Bhanjibhai Mathukia

Bullock Operated Sprayer, Radhey Shyam Sharma and Bhanjibhai Mathukia

Since manually spraying crops is dangerous and typically very time-consuming. This machine has a lever built into the mechanism that sprays the required pesticide over the crops while saving the farmer a lot of time effortlessly.


10. Tree Climbing Machine – M.J. Joseph

Tree Climbing Machine, M.J Inventions

In India,  we can always see a man scampering up a palm tree. It might look easy but it is not. Neither it is a safe profession. But it has been made easier and safe by MJ Joseph, also known as Appachan, who has developed this device along with his father. The device has two loops to hold the arms and legs along with a pedal base at the bottom. So by simultaneously moving the hands and feet, anyone can climb a tree in a matter of minutes without any risk.

Aren’t these inventions really amazing? They are so useful to us and I’m sure you do use one of these now. While you are feeling proud of these geniuses, you should have a look at some more amazing inventions. They make your life easier by these inventions. Find out what they are!