These Places Around The World Are Without Cars And Have Fresh Air

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Today, when I went out, I just couldn’t breathe properly due to heavy air pollution. For a fraction of second, I thought that our ancestors were so blessed to breathe fresh air every day. India’s population is so high and every one of us crave to have an own vehicle.

And the result is we are unable to experience fresh air and succumbing to many nostril and skin diseases. The environment conditions in metropolitan cities are even horrible that it is almost impossible for anyone to think of a place that doesn’t have cars.

However, there are still some places where you can experience fresh air and most importantly you don’t see a car. Today I would like to share you the list of some places from around the world that have banned cars for good.

Hope India also follow this one day. Let’s get in.


1. Zermatt, Switzerland – Horse-Drawn Carriages


The air is so clean that no car is allowed inside Zermatt and people commute from one area to another by buses, cable cars, and horse-drawn carriages. In India, we used to have many horse-drawn carriages for commuting. But now those are replaced with several other things. Hope one day, we all witness our previous glory again in India.


2. Halibut Cove, Alaska – A Floating Post Office


In this region, you will see most of the buildings including an amphitheater, bars, and the post office, resting on stilts. You may be wondering how they communicate from one place to another place. People either walk on foot or take a skiff or an ATV. Even the post office here is a floating one.


3. Giethoorn, The Netherlands – Only Accessible By Boats


Over 180 bridges, art galleries, museums, and the village’s 18th-century farmhouse provide stunning views. And the Venice of the Netherlands is fully accessible by boats. It did not have roads for the longest time. Later on, cycling tracks were added. It is looking beautiful. isn’t it?


4. La Cumbrecita, Argentina – Pedestrian-friendly


Surprisingly, no vehicles are allowed inside the town. Yes, it is totally pedestrian-friendly in nature. Before entering the town, the visitors are made to park their cars in the parking lot. You need to be there at least once to enjoy the Alpine beauty which is nestled away from polluted areas.


5. Mackinac Island, Michigan – Bicycles And Horse-Drawn Carriages Are Allowed


Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on this island and this has been taken up since 1898. However, snowmobiles during winter, emergency vehicles, and service vehicles are allowed. Both residents and visitors must use bicycles or roller skates or carriages, and saddle horses. These are also given on rent.

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