These Places Around The World Are Without Cars And Have Fresh Air

Car Freevia

6. Fire Island, New York – Bicycles Are Allowed


Fire Island which is famous for its food and music has beautiful streets, small houses but no cars. Bicycles are allowed here but some areas are accessible only by foot.


7. Hydra, Saronic Islands, Greece – Unique Modes Of Transportation


Rubbish trucks are the only motor vehicles that are allowed by law. Horses, mules, donkeys, and water taxis are the main modes of public transport. As the area is so small, most people choose walking over anything else.


8. Fes el Bali, Morocco – Car-Free Urban Area


Fes el Bali opted car-free because of its narrow street design and ancient heritage. Some areas of Fes el Bali are only two feet wide. It is famous for the University of Al-Karaouine which is the oldest university in the world.


9. Yelapa, Mexico – Accessible By Boat Ride


The place is most easily accessible by boat ride from Puerto Vallarta. You don’t find cars or other conventional means of transport inside the town. It is the best place for those looking for isolation and a pollution free environment.


10. Venice, Italy – You Will Feel Entering Different Era


The place is Europe’s largest car-free space. Boats are the most popular mode of transport in the area and people call it ‘The Floating City’.

Didn’t you feel awesome after seeing the pictures of each place? If we are all united, then everything is possible. The only solution I could see that if every common man can plant more trees, then we too can see the lush green beauty around us. If all of us could take an oath of saving a tree and planting at least one tree every month, then we can experience fresh air to some extent at least.

Won’t it be good if we can have horse-drawn carriages and bicycles for a mode of transportation instead of cars and bikes which releases harmful gases into the air? What do you say? Share us in the comments. There are mesmerizing places in India which says that the whole world is in India. Read here.

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