Sonam Kapoor Got Trolled For Wrong Answer Of Puzzle, Can You Solve?

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Twitter has become a great social media platform to express any kind of views. From cracking jokes, creating memes, people doing crazy things and trolling others including politicians, we can find all kind of debates here. We remember the times when Alia Bhatt was trolled for her new hair style and people trolling IndiGo Airlines.

And this time twitter came up with some mind blogging puzzles. Sonam Kapoor got trolled badly for her answer. But the actress is pro at handling trolls that she admitted about being ‘Terrible at maths’. She didn’t feel shy to accept that she knew her reply to the Maths quiz was wrong.

Jitesh Pillai, popular fashion magazine editor shared a puzzle on Twitter and asked people for an answer. It was not a Bollywood gossip or showbiz hush-hush affair; it was nothing but a simple math problem.

Yes! Pillai, who goes by only ‘J’ on the micro-blogging site asked people to figure out how many triangles are there in a given diagram.

Although we are not sure if he knew the answer himself or not, the tweet soon created a buzz online with even celebrities like Aditi Rao Hydari, Sonam Kapoor and Diana Penty jumped to solve the puzzle.


1. Terrible At Math



2. Math Is Dabba!


3. Super Confident


4. Oh Maths Too?


5. Oh That’s Something


6. Time To Expand Vision


7. You Did It!


8. Finally An Answer

Everyone is good at one skill. People generally look down on others if they couldn’t do simple things. But wait, don’t ever judge people completely through some actions.  No person is perfect in this world. Everyone has their own talent.

By the way, did you guess it correctly all by yourself? What do you like to say about this incident? Share us in comments. This guy saved a 5 day old female infant with the help of Twitter and Mumbai police.

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