A Delivery Boy And His Friend Conned Amazon For More Than Rs 40 Lakh

The Police Retrieved 23 Smartphones Worth Rs 7 Lakh

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Amazon is one of the top online marketing companies. It makes our shopping easy as we just have to pick up a mobile and place an order. The company delivers the package to our door. However, Amazon is no stranger to frauds. There is a long process between placing the order and the delivery of the item. This time the delivery boy and his friend did a scam of approximately Rs 40 Lakh with the company.


The Regional Manager Filed Report

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The regional manager of Amazon, Pradeep Aggarwal filed a report in Saharanpur’s Sadar Bazar Police station. Pradeep lives in Sonipat, Haryana. According to his report, a group of people used to order expensive mobiles and after the delivery, they would report that the delivered package was empty. This will lead the company to refund their amount. It happened a lot of times, hence, the regional manager suspected it.


Did A Fraud Of More Than Rs 40 Lakh

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According to the Police officer, Bablu Kumar, 264 expensive mobile phones have been ordered this way. The company delivered the mobile phones but after the delivery, they got the complaints about the delivery packages being empty. To conclude, the company had to refund more than Rs 40 Lakh rupees to them.


A Delivery Boy Was Behind All This

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Police investigated in the regard and arrested a delivery boy named Mohammad Shami. They way they executed the scam is quite cerebral. The delivery boy used the phone number and the identity of his friends or relatives.  His friend, Amaan was his partner in this crime. However, Amaan has not been arrested yet. The police have retrieved 23 smartphones worth Rs 7 Lakh.

Day after day, the crime rate is increasing. The unemployment and the lack of educations seem to be the prime reasons behind this. What do you say? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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