Amazon Updated Product Delivered And Signed By Customer Without Delivering To Him

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Another victim of online shopping. The case is new, the story is also new. This time customer has not even got the product and it has mentioned that product received by the customer and he has signed. is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. It has become one of the best places for online shopping.


Service Problems With Amazon

Although, Amazon states about the customer’s satisfaction still there are many cases that prove the online shopping company is subjected to frauds. This time a similar case was witnessed where a man named Rajan Kamboj became the victim of the fraud or misunderstanding.


A New Victim Of The Fraud

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The guy shared eighth photos on Facebook and captioned his story and discomfort about Amazon. The guy ordered a product from the site, the product was prepaid so the transaction process was already done.


Who Signed, If Not Rajan?

The surprising thing is that the guy didn’t receive the product and the delivery status of Amazon shows that the product was already delivered. Moreover, the status says that Rajan has done the receiving sign. Rajan said,

It is intolerable that the company is now doing the receiving signs by themselves.

When Rajan spoke exclusively with Entertales, he told,

I  ordered the product from Amazon prime, which has to be delivered yesterday, but product was not delivered  and infact it has been mention in the Amazon app that product is delivered successfully and signed by Rajan Kamboj.

Customer Care Executives Did Not Solve The Issue

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Pissed off by the poor super whack service of Amazon, Rajan tried to report the matter to customer care but the customer care executives added to Rajan’s struggles. They kept him waiting for 35 minutes. Furthermore, instead of solving the issue, they blocked Rajan’s money. Therefore, there was no other option for Rajan than posting the issue on social media.

Either it is a case of misunderstanding or fraud which is nothing rare for the e-commerce company. What do you say? Share your suggestions in the comments. There were many controversies before as well when Amazon sold the map of India with only half Kashmir. Check out what happened next.

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