Things Every Person Must Do Before He Or She Is 30

Things to Dovia

Every time you hit a ten’s multiple in terms of age, you enter a new phase of life. The Thirties is an entirely new level where your energy capacity, body structure, the way of thinking etc alters. There are top 12 things that you must do before turning Thirty.


1. Work The Hardest You Can

Hard Working

Your energy levels are the highest in your 20’s; you can handle all stress with ease and accomplish goals. These are the years of building your skills and mastering them, which helps in shaping a bright future. Work very hard and earn as much as you can.


2. Pack Your Bags And Travel The World

Pack Your Bags And Travel The World

You’re energetic and carefree until your thirties; in your thirties, responsibilities come up. So before that, travel as much as you can. Travelling is soul food and will teach you a lot about different cultures and lessons which no book or job can teach.


3. Your Body Is A Temple

Body Is A Temple

Though you have a busy schedule, never take your health for granted. Exercise and a good diet will keep you hustling even in your old age. Thus, make sure you’re on your feet and exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes, thrice a week.


4. Cooking Is A Must To Learn Skill


Cooking is a skill that’ll always come handy. Make sure you know how to prepare at least a few basic dishes. Being able to sustain alone is a great thing and cooking is a major part of it. What’s better than tying an apron and preparing your favorite dish, all by yourself; it’s an accomplishment.

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