These Photos Taken From Unusual Perspectives Will Amaze You!


‘We see things as we are, not as they are!’ Life is nothing but perceptions, right? We are all conditioned to see things in a definite perspective. But what if we see things differently unlike the usual perspective? Here are some amazing photographs captured from different perspectives that will make you think out of the box.

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1. The Perfect Rainbow

The Taj Mahal

This photograph taken from an airplane gives you the whole rainbow in a complete circle. Only a part of the rainbow is visible to us from the land while the rest remains unseen.


2. The Great Wall Has An End After All!

Great Wall China

We all are familiar with the mighty Great Wall of China. But never did we think that the great wall also has an end and that it ends in the sea.


3. The Difference!

The Difference

Body fat is always despised. Now you know why.


4. Riding By The Beach

Riding The Beach

This photograph of Florida’s Daytona Beach was taken in 1957. This interesting photo shows peoples’ cars parked on the beach which is not possible now.

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