Things Every Person Must Do Before He Or She Is 30

Things to Dovia

9. Language Is Power

Language Is Power

Try picking up as many languages as you can. Knowing the local language of a place will make you feel empowered and secure; language is power. It isn’t necessary to know the script, being able to converse is plausible. Next time you visit a new place, make sure you pick up the basic verses in their language.


10. Save It Up

Save It Up

Try saving up a little every month. It’ll prove to be of great help in your future. Being broke can be frustrating as well as embarrassing. This habit will make sure that you never have empty pockets.


11. Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose and ambition in life is paramount. Working without a goal is aimless. As you proceed in your life, explore and find out what your driving force is; something you’re passionate about. When you find your purpose, put your heart and soul to accomplish it.


12. Live In The Moment

Live The Moment Thirty

Delving into the past or thinking about the future, spoils the present moment. It’s important to focus on the present and be involved in it. Live in the moment; seize it. You’d be unable to give your 100% if your focus is haywire. The past doesn’t matter, it’s over; the future is shaped by what you do at the present.

Well, those are a list of some things that have to be accomplished before you turn 30. Do you have anything else that you would like to add to the list? Mention in the comments down below. While growing up your parents must have taught you many things, but they would have told you a few childish lie also to make you do your work and listen to them. Here are some lies told by your parent during your childhood. You must already have some in mind!

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