These Lies Parents Tell About Adulthood And Make You Believe On It


As innocent, naive children, we probably believed it when our parents told us an angry monster would take us away if we didn’t eat up our veggies. The mental scarring from that lasted very short as compared to these lies parents tell us which is not true! Oh why, mom, dad, why!


1. Veggies Are Important!

Veggies Are Important!

The most common sayings in households with kids are always usually regarding eating vegetables. One of them so happens to be ‘Eat your vegetables! When you grow up you can eat whatever you want!’ Little did the 7-year-old us know, the torment of vegetables is pretty life-long.


2. College Talk

College Talks

School-going kids aren’t very pleased to know that you have to study your backside off in college as well. And that’s why our parents came up with this brilliant snippet of a lie – ‘Life settles once you are on top in that dream college!’ That’s a really attractive way of saying you have to study no more. But guess what? We’re still staying up to 3 AM trying to get those credits in to pass the semester!


3. Scientific Reason Behind Fat Fingers

Reason Behind Fat Fingers

Is cracking your knuckles. Yes, some of us grew up believing that cracking our knuckles would give us fat fingers! False news people!


4. Of Passion And Participation

Multi-Talented Children

What do you do when you want a seemingly multi-talents child? You tell them they find their passion if they participate in a lot of things! Turns out that’s a false alarm. It’s cold hard truth you need more than participation to find and maintain something your passionate for.


5. Where Do Babies Come From?

Where Children Come From

Of course, the most famous question every parent dreads to answer. There are several different variants for this one – A stork dropped you by, God gave us a gift, Mommy and Daddy love each other so much, and we hugged real tight one day! Eighth grade was a moment of enlightenment for all of us it seems.


6. Work Hard Now

Work Hard Now

Somehow, schoolkids seem to be having the brunt of all this. When you’re in the last year of school and slaving away to get the grades in, hear one itsy-bitsy complaint and you’ll for sure hear the signature, ‘Study hard now, life will be easier later!’. In their defense, we didn’t know about taxes and balancing cheques yet.


7. Puppy Love

Puppy Love

One of the most twisted lies we’re told when we are kids is that when a boy or girl is rude to us, he/she likes us. Growing up, we realize, rather disturbingly that this might not be the case all the time!


8. Go Low On That Caffeine

Go Low On Caffine

When we were younger, we definitely did not question some lies. Quite simply, because we didn’t have enough scientific evidence to back it up. And one of those lies is that you’d turn dark if you drink too much coffee or tea! Talk about lowkey racism?


9. Independent When Grown Up


Perhaps one of the biggest lies some occasional parents tell their children – ‘You won’t need us when you grow up’. This is a lie for several reasons, but we know for sure at the core of it, is because we love them too much!


10. It Will Matter

It Will Matter

Ever wondered where you’d use that complex looking theorem for the angle of light that passes through a prism? Or an algebraic formula to find out by Jack bought 56 pumpkins? A big white lie our parents told us is that these would actually matter besides for the marks!


11. No Marriage, No Children

No Marriage, No Children

Connected to children asking how babies are made, to protect our innocence and purity and perhaps to keep our morals up, parents told us that you can have kids only when you’re married. Turns out the lack of knowledge really did us a thing.


12. Divorce Makes You A Bad Relative

Divorce Makes You A Bad Relative

This lie is pretty sad and even offensive at length. When we are young, we’re told that marriages are supposed to last forever, with one person and those who remarry are bad aunties and uncles. Sometimes, we wonder why parents make these up.


13. No More Money Problems

Money Lies Parents Tell

They say work smart, not work hard. But our parents insist that working hard will not have us worrying about money. Or could they have been more wrong! Guess they had their ways in order to get us to work!

So have you been a victim to any of those lies? Some of them have no rhyme or reason whatsoever, however, some really leave a lasting impression on us and shape our ideas as we grow. Tell us which one you think was the most ridiculous and why! If you read this then you must have also been reminded of the hilarious slangs you used. Do check that out as well!

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