Best Bosses Who Proved To Be The Nicest Human Beings

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Bosses play an inevitable role in the employee involvement and dedication in a company. The employees, when they feel valued and respected, automatically invest their interest and dedication to the development of the company. Best bosses who make the employees comfortable in their workplace and who give the deserved appreciation to the employees become the inspiration.
Here are some of the best bosses who proved to be nicest human beings by their humble treatment of their employees.


1. Ian Lucas (Red7)

Ian Lucas (Red7)

Ian Lucas is the Chairman of the British Travel and Party firm, Red7. This organization offers and arranges luxury trips, stag and hen parties, and ‘bachelors’ weekend parties’. Ian called his employee team as the ‘beating heart’ of his organization. In order to appreciate their contribution, Ian took his team to a 3-day luxurious trip to Marbella and he covered the entire expense. A cool boss indeed!


2. Nevzat Aydin (Yemeksepeti)

Nevzat Aydin (Yemeksepeti)

The Turkish entrepreneur, Aydin sold Yemeksepeti, his online delivery service. When he sold it, he shared $27 million among his employees who were dumbstruck. Each of the employees received up to $323,000. He also covered the taxes for his employees.


3. Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn)

Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner responded to his employee’s note. When the employee couldn’t meet him, she left a note on her desk with her photo apologizing for her absence. The CEO took a selfie and left it with a note on her desk as a reply to her message. How sweet!


4. Brian Chesky (Airbnb)

Brian Chesky (Airbnb)

The Airbnb CEO, Chesky gives his employees many benefits including full-paid insurance, Apple equipment, free and organic lunches, 22 week maternity leave, three weeks of paid time off and a $100 monthly allowance for parking or public commute. Along with these awesome benefits, he also gives them a $2,000 travel coupon each year for them to explore the world. The coolest boss ever!


5. Savjibhai Dholakia (Hare Krishna Exporters)

Savjibhai Dholakia (Hare Krishna Exporters)

The chairman of the Hare Krishna Exporters, Savjibhai Dholakia gave a great Diwali Bonus to all his employees. He gifted cars and houses to employees in 2016 for their great work. Among them, he picked up 1,665 employees according to their performance and showered them with Fiat cars, flats and gold jewelry!


6. Brunello Cucinelli (Brunello Cucinelli)

Brunello Cucinelli (Brunello Cucinelli)

Known as the ‘King of Italian casmere’, Brunello Cucinelli provides his employees with a 90 minute compulsory lunch break every day. He strictly does not encourage overtime working. He pays them 20% more than other Italian factory workers. In addition, 20% of his company’s profits is donated to his foundation every year.


7. Richard Branson (Virgin group)

Richard Branson (Virgin group)

Virgin Group’s boss Branson, in 2014, announced that he would give unlimited vacation time to his employees for their good work. Honest to his words, he gave a year’s paid leave to the employees, who became new parents.


8. Andrew Fingerman (PhotoShelter)

Andrew Fingerman (PhotoShelter) Best Bosses

The CEO of PhotoShelter, Andrew Fingerman follows an innovative method to build his relationship with his employees. Every month, he hosts a microbrewery in his office and invites his employees to brew with him if they wanted. In the process, they talk about the work challenges, get closer and even come up with great ideas.


9. Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo)

Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo)

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, reflected on how her parents would have felt about her achievement. So, she wrote letters to the parents of her employees. In those letters, she thanked the parents for giving a wonderful worker and told them that their son had been doing a great job at the company. This had a great impact on the employees.


10. Christian Mischler (Hotel Quickly)

Christian Mischler (Hotel Quickly) Bosses

The Swiss entrepreneur, Mischler gave work freedom to his employees. He allowed them to work whenever and wherever they wanted. Mischler also allowed them to have their own work schedules. He believes that the work-life balance of the employees will lead to high productivity.

The work environment of a company is decided by the bosses. Good work environment make the employees devoted and dedicated to their work. Such great bosses work towards his employee satisfaction which will eventually lead to good results. This list of bosses have given a great significance to their employees and recognized their work which make them amazing bosses. These guys were the owners of huge firms and companies. But did you know our Indian politicians were doing a different job before coming to politics. If you want to find out what then check out that article now!!

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