Amazon Sells Map Of India With Only Half Kashmir, Slammed On Twitter By Indians!




Amazon is once again in trouble after selling doormats with images of Indian gods on it and even renowned political image Sushma Swaraj has slammed Amazon and asked them to apologize. This time, Amazon China is in trouble because of selling Indian maps with only half of Kashmir on the map. Indians are furious and frustrated with Amazon for making such blunders. Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan is already a very sensitive issue, and Amazon China is slammed on Twitter for this deed. Here are reactions of people who trolled Amazon China in a sarcastic and funny way!

Amazon China In Serious Trouble!



People reactions:

Seems like Amazon has not learned anything from its past mistakes and want a good dose of trolls.


DIYThinker has got Amazon Into Trouble For Sure

Intolerance At Its Peak!

Kashmir Was, Is And Will Be Ours!


Amazon needs to remember two things:

Any controversial product should be immediately removed from their site and of course, this one. Last time they tried to sell Indian flag doormat in Canada and people have immediately took action.

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