10 Famous Cricketers And Their Doppelgangers, The List Is Surprising




Every day, we find some strangers who look familiar. Moreover, their physical features look similar to that of a familiar person. Furthermore, this kind of similarity can be seen between the cricketers and others. So, today we have brought you 10 cricketers and their doppelgangers.


1. Alastair Cook And Henry Cavill


Famous for his iconic role of Superman, Henry Cavill has a lot of facial similarities with the former captain of English cricket team. The eyes and almost same forehead and jaw line make them look identical.


2. Virender Sehwag and Jeevan Sharma


They say, “We cannot compare Virender Sehwag with anyone”. Probably yes, but if it is about the physical features, we do not need to compare, the picture speaks for itself.


3. James Anderson and David Walton


A lot of people compare James Anderson with Ricardo Kaka. However, they look different. But if we compare him with the Actor David Walton we will definitely find James’ Hollywood doppelganger.


4. Dale Steyn And Daniel Craig


If we look at the pictures, we can say, maybe they would cast Dale Steyn in the next James Bond movie as there is a lot of physical resemblance between Danial Craig and Dale Steyn.


5. Brad Hodge And Mark Ruffalo


The doppelganger of the Australian cricketer is Mark Ruffalo. Who, knows if Brad might play Bruce Banner in any Avengers movie in future.


6. Andrew Symonds And Ice Hockey Player


Many people pointed out the resemblance between Symonds and Vin Diesel. However, the two were not that much close to be called as the doppelgangers. Somehow, we have found the identical one for Symonds.


7. Lasith Malinga And Omkar Das


Do you know that the Sri Lankan yorker machine, Malinga had worked in the movie “Peepli Live”? Not actually, as it was his doppelganger Omkar Das. The similitude between the two confused us a bit.


8. Sachin Tendulkar And His Fan From Punjab


Apart from the looks, Balbir Chand can perfectly mimic the voice of Sachin. We have seen him countless times. However, every time he deceives our eyes as he can perfectly impersonate Sachin.


9. Aaron Finch And Chris Pratt


The Australian cricketer and the American actor Chris Pratt are doppelgangers. Apart from the facial likeliness, they also share same body type. All in all, they got the same hair color. 


10. Ishant Sharma And Zlatan Ibrahimovic


If you are a fan of Indian cricket team and also a football lover then you would definitely be aware about this one. The Swedish forward’s face cut is similar to that of Ishant Sharma. Nowadays Ishant has been keeping the pony to give exact look of Zlatan.

Which one is the perfect resemblance according to you? Share your thoughts. Do you how much famous cricketers earn per minute ? Check out here.


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