Top 10 Cricketers With Sky High Per Minute Earnings


Cricket. What strikes your mind first. India vs Pakistan? Champions Trophy? Well but this time around we are going to talk about something else. Cricket is akin to a religion in to many, right? And Gods are the richest, so are the cricketers. Here are the salaries of 5 top-listed cricketers per minute. Bet you can’t stop saying “Wow!”-

1. Virat Kohli

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If talent is the parameter something we decide to go by, then Kohli is definitely super rich. Just add his earnings up there, and see the graph going way straight up. Creates an Everest. Being the leading face of big brands in India, Kohli earns Rs 5811.21 every minute. Given the poverty rate in India and that almost 10-20% of the people live on less than rs 5k per month, the figure is humongous. Kohli recently featured in the top 100 richest athletes as well, being the only cricketer in the list. More gigantic numbers to follow, we wish him all luck.


2. MS Dhoni

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Former Indian captain MS Dhoni, aka, the captain cool, is respected and loved worldwide. He has led India to winning every tittle whether its world cup or champions trophy. His classy shots, including the helicopter one which he hasn’t patented yet, and many other have won him great acclaim. Not so long ago, he was there on the top of this list. He is still the leading face of many big buck companies, earning almost Rs 3638.30 every minute. Damn impressive!


3. Chris Gayle

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Indians are everywhere, be it topping every list,breaking seemingly invincible records or soaring the pre-existing numbers? This one too is an Indian, but this time its the RCB run machine, Chris Gayle. Doesn’t earn much when playing for his country, mainly because his tiff with the board and the poverty of the board. But come to leagues and advertisements, and he stands to be the boss. The hard hitting cricketer earns gigantic amounts from IPL, Big Bash and other sporting leagues, amounting to Rs 950.34 every minute.


4. Shahid Afridi

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Top 3 are done. Now coming to a surprise entry in the list. Its the famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Doesn’t play in many foreign leagues, has retired as well, but still continues to be brand favorite in his country. His rpm, (no not the physics one geeks, its rupees per minute) is Rs 798.19.


5. Virender Sehwag


Coming back to India, here we are with the most loved cricketer on twitter, our very own twitter troller, Virender Sehwag. The opener, once used to demolish bowlers, is now getting twitter crazy. Does commentary and coaching as well. All summed up, he earns Rs 734.71 per minute.

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6. Shane Watson

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Former Australian all rounder Shane Watson still plays in many leagues round the world. Big hitter and a useful bowler, an all time captain favorite he was.The Tasmanian is still the favorite of brand endorsements, earning upto Rs 696.71 every minute.


7. AB de Villiers

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Perhaps the most favorite of all foreign cricketers in India, this South African has some really cool figures under his belt, including his earnings as well. The smash hitter earns around Rs 696.71 per minute, owing to his being favorite of the sporting leagues.


8. Gautam Gambhir

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The captain of KKR has turned its fortunes since he joined the team as captain. 2 IPL titles under his belt, he is the true savior for the team. Once being the most reliable batsman of India, is currently out of team but never out of form. He is active on twitter as well, fighting for various social causes. He runs an NGO as well for the unprivilidged children. Fighting his way back into team, he is still the favourite of many brands, earning Rs 633.15 every minute.


9. Yuvraj Singh

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The classy cricketer, who times the ball to the sweetest, is one of the most popular cricketers in India. He can decimate any attack on his day and played a key role in the 2011 world cup, being the man of tournament. A fighter, he is currently busy with the Champions Trophy, earning acclaims in UK for his performances. This recently married cricketer, earns upto Rs 481.19 every minute.


10. Michael Clarke

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And our number 10 is the Australian captain Michael Clarke. Under his captaincy, the Australian team is reviving itself, again rising to great heights. a great performer individually as well, he earns Rs 367.57 every minute.

The advent of Bangladesh and Afghanistan and new players in other teams is surely gonna topple the list. So stay updated.

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