A Crazy Woman Dries Underwear In An Airplane And Goes Viral On Twitter.Watch Video

Weird woman spotted in plane via

Weird people are everywhere. You might get embarrassed with this news, but this lady was not at all ashamed of her weirdness of drying an underwear while on board. And if you are a traveler then you might be used to seeing these things quite regularly either on roads, buses, trains or maybe an airplane just like this one!

Lady dried her underwear in aeroplane

An incident happened recently in which the passengers of an airplane had to watch something really absurd and bizarre live in front of their eyes. In a flight from Antalya, Turkey, to the Russian capital Moscow, the passengers witnessed a woman drying up an underwear under the AC vent for straight 20 minutes! While the passengers were amused and embarrassed to see her doing this act continuously, it was also worth noting that she didn’t look nervous even a bit.

Weird lady in an Aeroplane

According to her co-passengers on board, the said women held the knicker close to the air vent above her head.

Underwear in air

The Video Soon Went Viral:

The video soon went viral on the social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. And has got so many reactions stating the woman as crazy. Check the video,

Here’s how people reacted to the video by tweeting their comments and thoughts :

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