The Super-Patriotic Story Of Martyr Jaswant Singh Rawat, Who Killed 300 Chinese Troops

It Is Believed That His Soul Still Protects The Territory

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We have watched many heroic stories in the movies. In the reality, the heroic stories do not get in the limelight. Today we have brought you the story of the Martyr Jaswant Singh Rawat. In 1962, during the Indo-China war, he introduced a whole new level of super-patriotism and killed 300 Chinese troops before dying.


Biopic Of Martyr Jaswant Singh Rawat

Jaswant Singh Rawat

There is news that a biopic has been made on this heroic effort of Martyr Jaswant Singh Rawat. However, his family showed discomfort with this as they don’t want someone to have the copyright of Jaswant’s life story. They have filed a legal case against the makers and the court fixed the today’s date for the hearing.


Honored By Mahavir Chakra

Jaswant Singh Rawat

Jaswant Singh Rawat was posthumously honored by the Mahavir Chakra. Moreover, to keep the memory fresh, a life-size statue of Jaswant Singh has been placed on the border. A group of 5 troops keeps an eye on the statue. The heroic effort of Jaswant Singh Rawat is immensely respected. No soldiers move forward without paying his regards to the statue.


Went To Join Army When He Was 17-Year-Old

Jaswant Singh Rawat

Jaswant Singh had the love for his country since an early age. He went to join the army when he was 17-year-old but he was rejected as he was below the age limit. However, despite being too young, he was recruited as a rifleman on 19 August 1960. Two years later, on 17 November 1962, the Chinese force attacked Arunachal Pradesh in the pursuit to capture it.  To counter the attack of Chinese forces, a battalion was assigned as Jaswant Singh Rawat was in that.


They Refused To Back Down

Jaswant Singh Rawat

The Chinese army had the upper hand hence, they had to retreat but Jaswant Singh, Triloki Singh, and Gopal Gusai refused to step back. They wanted to destroy the Chinese machine gun. The three soldiers went closer to the Chinese side and they killed hundreds of enemies before capturing the machine gun. This heroic effort of the troops had shifted the battle in India’s favor and China could not win Arunachal Pradesh.

He fought bravely against the Chinese troops and saved the territory from the enemies. It is also believed that his soul still protects that territory. Moreover, the villagers sever food to the statue. He is the only troop who is getting the promotions after his death. Now he has been promoted to the Major General post. Furthermore, the Indian army still sends his salary to his family.

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