Check Out These Funny Ways How People Quit Jobs – #3 Is Hilarious!

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Thinking about quitting your job? In the recesses of your mind, you’ve probably quit 100 times over in the grandest and hilarious fashion. While you daydream about ways to tell your supervisor to “I’m done,” a few employees have found unique ways to do just that. Here are a few fun ways how people quit jobs!


1. Girl Who Danced Her Way Out

When you’ve been working long hours with little reward, sometimes it’s only right that you leave in style. Some employers feel like they can drain every last hour out of you but not this lady! Marina Shifrin got her dancing shoes on and waltzed straight out the doors.


2. No Pay? Okay!

Car Parking Boss Level

A personal driver decided to take matters into his own hands when he wasn’t paid his monthly salary. He then decided to park his bosses car in the tightest of spaces. If anything….I’d be more impressed with that parking job!


3. Anchor Quits Live On Air

Anchor Liz Wahl signaled that enough was enough whilst she could “no longer part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.” Surely that’s the end of her television career? Wrong! Liz is working as a reporter with Newsy where she’s still reporting on matters in Eastern Europe.


4. The Quitting Signs

Billboard Sign Saying I quit

Probably took more effort than what he originally was going to do, but I’d say it was worth every second! This guy took it a whole new level and quit his job by putting it all out there for all the people. It must have been embarrassing for the boss, let’s just hope he says it before it was too late.

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