A Security Guard Made Heroic Effort And Stopped A Robbery Of Rs 925 Crore

It Could Be One Of The Biggest Heists In Indian History

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The crime rate is increasing at a considerable rate. Day after day we are hearing the news of rapes, road rage, and robbery. This time another crime was about to take place but thanks to the heroic effort of a security guard who stopped that. A group of 12 men was trying to rob the branch of Axis bank in Jaipur.


The Chest Had Rs 925 Crore In It

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According to the reports, the Axis Bank chest had Rs 925 crore in it. It is the main branch, so all the cash from other branches is transferred to this one. The incident took place in the wee hours of Tuesday when a group of 12 people tried to enter the bank in order to rob it. However, their plan was put to the rest by a security guard whose name is not unveiled. The incident was recorded in the CCTV camera.


The Security Guard Made An Heroic Effort

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According to reports, the 12 men had their faces covered with masks. They attacked the first security guard who was outside of the gate before tying him up. After watching all this, the second guard who was inside the bank informed it to police. The burglars also tried to attack him but the security guard took out his rifle and shot in the air. The group was trying to renter but the sound of the police siren stopped them.


The Police Arrived At The Spot

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The police reached the place of impact and they are browsing through the CCTV footages to get a clue about the bandits.

The heroic effort of the security guard is being praised all over the social media. The man definitely deserves to be saluted. What do you say? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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