IndiGo Airlines Trolled By This Man And Twitterati Got The Dose Of Laughter

Indigo Airlines


Days after video got viral of Indigo staff assaulting an old passenger, people have started trolling IndiGo in the best possible way they can. Airlines have issued an apology to the passenger and fired the employee.

Video made people troll IndiGo Airlines and one man has crossed all his limits of trolling IndiGo and made people a very good dose of laughter. A twitterati named Rohit Choube has tweet to Indigo airlines for seeking help. He tweeted that he need help with Mumbai-Delhi flight. 

When IndiGo didn’t replied for sometime, he again tweeted

Then, atlast IndiGo replied, 

As soon as IndiGo replied, he trolled them in the best possible way and made people laugh out loud.

“My boss is travelling by 15.00 pm flight to Delhi .. ‘ जैसे ही वो उतरे, कूट देना साले को । ‘ thanks :)”

He trolled IndiGo airlines over the viral video and used the hashtag #ThokoindiGo to show the rage people have over the incident.

This is how twitteratis reacted to his epic tweet

IndiGo Airlines

This is the most hilarious and epic way of taunting and this has made people laugh. Few days back there was an incident where IndiGo has sent passenger luggage to different city. When he tweeted sarcastically to IndiGo about the incident, their reply was hilarious. Check out here.

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