Indigo Reply To His Passenger Is The Funniest Thing You Will Read Today

Indigo Airlines

During the level of competition, every airline wants to give their passengers full comfort and satisfaction in cheaper cost and budget. They want your journey to be very gracious with them, for that they try to take every efforts to make this happen. But sometimes, a single mistake can make you famous for entirely wrong reason.


The same thing happened recently with Indigo Airlines.


Indigo Funny Incident


Passenger Named Roshan Agarwal was traveling to Kolkata from Bhubaneshwar on Indigo Flight 6E. Unknowingly they have sent his baggage to Hyderabad. If this is the only concern it would have justified because this happens when there are so many passengers traveling.

But when Roshan raised this concern at Twitter, the reply he got from Indigo was not only shocking but also funny and as well as annoying at the same time.

Yes, you read it right, they replied to him as ‘Glad To Hear That Keep Flying’. 


We hope from next time passengers like Roshan will not get suffered from these situations and concerns of passengers should be understood carefully before reverting and helping. We are sure he might not be that much frustrated as his baggage reached Hyderabad, he might be more frustrated and annoyed with the reply he got from such big aviation company. 

This is the humble request from Indigo that yes we agree mistakes happen, but one should read the tweet before replying. We request you to please take care of these things from next time because a small step can make a big difference. 

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