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You Will Include Sesame Seeds In Your Diet After Knowing Its Health And Nutrition Benefits

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9. It Serves As Antioxidants And Fight Oxidative Stress In Your Body


Plant compounds, vitamin E and lignans in sesame seeds function as antioxidants, which help fight oxidative stress. Consuming sesame seeds increases the overall amount of antioxidant activity in your blood.


10. It Helps In Blood Cell Formation


The human body needs several nutrients to make red blood cells. And those are found in sesame seeds. These are a great source of vitamin B6, iron, copper, and which are needed for a healthy function of red blood cells.


11. Hulled Sesame Seeds Are Nutritious Source Of Plant Protein


To build everything from muscles to hormones, protein is essential for your health.  These are also high in methionine and cysteine.

Sesame seeds have even more benefits that it improves respiratory health, blood circulation, prevent asthma, detoxify the body, and eliminate depression and chronic stress.

The oil present in the seeds smoothes bowel movements and removes dental plaque and boosts oral health. Sesame seeds are rich in omega fatty acids which help in promoting hair growth and also repairs hair damage. Moisturizing the scalp with sesame seed oil improves blood circulation and rejuvenate hair follicles.

Applying the mixture of one tablespoon olive oil and two tablespoons of powdered sesame seeds on your face help the skin remain warm and moist and thus promote glowing skin.

I am sure that even if I write 2 more pages also, I will not be able to cover the entire benefits of sesame seeds. But I can say only one thing that, make sure you include sesame seeds in your diet every day. And it will take care of your health.

Do you include sesame seeds in your recipes? What improvements did you find in your health after taking sesame seeds? Share us in the comments. Check out some healthy food items which will slow down the aging process and make you look younger.

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