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These Healthy Food Items Will Make You Look Younger

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Who doesn’t love to look young? Well, we all love. Some people do spend some good amount of money to look young. Usually, in movies, it is portrayed always that girls or women spend so much money to look young. But in reality, even boys or men also spend so much money to look young. In fact, they are the ones who go to parlor and gym more than women.

The one harsh fact is, beauty is always costly and that plastic beauty won’t last for long.

Then what is the best solution to this problem?

Exercise and balanced nutritious diet.

To look young, we need to take the care of both physical health and mental health.

For mental health, yoga and some other fitness exercises are mandatory, especially in this digital stressful world. And for physical health, we bring out before you some foods which will help you to stay young.

As our skin is exposed to pollution, UV rays, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions, proper nutrition will protect and create healthy, younger looking skin.

I will never say that it will not make you old. But I can say these foods will slow down the aging process.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s check out.

1. Tomato – Prevents Infectious Diseases


It is a well-known fact that tomatoes have a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, and folic acid. Tomatoes help in preventing infections and cardiovascular diseases. Above all, it contains high levels of lycopene, a carotenoid that mitigates oxidative damage in tissues such as your skin. Eating one raw tomato every day will definitely slow down the aging process.


2. Carrot – Known For Protecting Eyes


The beta-carotene found in carrots is converted into vitamin A by the body. It protects skin from getting premature wrinkles which are caused due to exposure to UV rays. Taking carrot thrice in a week ensures that your retina and other parts of the eye are functioning smoothly.


3. Turmeric – Known For Its Anti-Aging Property


Turmeric has a great role in India. There will not be even one home where this turmeric is not used. Turmeric is popular not only for anti-aging but also for anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Almost in every recipe, this is used. Turmeric acts as a potent antioxidant that will suppress inflammation, and improve the appearance of your skin.


4. Garlic – Improves Blood Circulation


No doubt that eating garlic does produce bad breath. But it is a good natural antibiotic that you should have in your kitchen. It plays an important role in, improving blood circulation, reducing hypertension and decreasing chances of many types of cancer.


5. Olive Oil – Keeps Your Skin Hydrated And Toned


It has alpha-linolenic acid which plays a great role in keeping skin toned and hydrated. Applying a few drops of olive oil around your eyes at night just before going to bed will reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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