The Answer Of These Questions Are Still Hard To Explain

Simple questions


Today human race has evolved so much that we are considered as the most advanced society of all time. With several new discoveries and inventions, we even reached on Mars but there are some very simple questions whose exact answer still to be found.

What is surprising that we can’t assure ourselves that will we ever find their answers.


Here are The Eight Simple Questions We Still Can’t Answer

1. What Is The Source Of The Dreams


So many theories regarding Dreams are floating around the web but no one can exactly answer this question that from where do dreams come. Some say they are the result of our thoughts but what is surprising is sometimes we see dreams which have no direct or indirect relation with our lives.


2. What Is There On The Surface of The Ocean


Since the human body can’t handle the conditions deep down at the bottom of the ocean but we have discovered so many strange species underwater. It is all the result of innovations of several machines. Today after all our scientific discoveries we have managed to discover just 5% of whole ocean and no one can really depict what is there on the surface of the ocean.


3. How We Evolved As Human


How we evolved in the current form of human race is the most discussed question of the whole scientific society. Darvin’s theory of evolution is now challenged by so many other scientists. These contradictions among scientific world forced us to ask this question again and again that how we evolved as the human.


4. Universe Is Finite or Infinite


As compare to Universe human is so small even smaller than a speck. Till now we have no other option to believe that Universe is Infinite but If in future we will travel till the edges of the universe what it would be raises another question that if the universe is finite where does it exist.


5. Aliens truth or the myth


From so many years space agencies trying to the trace the proofs of Aliens but they didn’t find any concrete evidence. Movies, books and many other types of research are available which direct us towards the existence of Aliens but the truth is still to discover whether we are alone in this universe or other species far away in galaxies also exists.


6. What is After death


Other than religious and fictional texts no scientific discovery told anything about after death for so many years scientists used to refuse the existence of the soul but now even they started searching curiously about this question that what is after death.


7. Is Time Travel Really Possible


As a kid, we always fantasized about the time travel or time machine but is it really possible.  the question whether there is any possibility to go beyond the current time exists or it is just a result of scientific imaginations. It always makes us curious to study about the time and space.


8. How Many Total Species Exists On Our Planet 


So many species exist on our planet that every day we are coming across with new kind of species. None knows how long it will take to count all of them, till now around 1.5 million species have identified by scientists. Can you answer certain puzzle questions which are asked in interview ?