10 Lesser Known Facts About TV Actress Soma Rathod

Soma Rathodvia

Soma Rathod as Famous Ammaji from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain as Manmohan Tiwari’s mother. A character often makes people laugh with its taunting tone, an overweight character, one who loves her daughter in law and with its comic expressions.

Soma made this character as one of the favorites characters for T.V audience. We see her as a character which naturally comic but behind the camera, her life is different let’s have a look.

Lesser Known Facts About Soma Rathod


1. Initially, She Was Thin


The way Soma plays the character it makes us believe that she must be fat all her life. But initially, she was as thin as any other normal person.


2. Brought Up In Nepal


People do know that she was born in Raipur but her parents shifted to Nepal when she was very young so she brought up in Nepal and Assam as well for some time.


3. Divorced

Soma Marriage

After 10 years of marriage Soma had a painful divorce which is actually the reason behind her overweight body structure. She went into an acute depression which caused her weight gain.


4. Her Actual Age

Soma age

The actual age of Soma Rathod is 37 years while Manmohan Tiwari, his son in serial is actually 46 years old. Shocking, this is called a real actress. Playing a character of much older than her real age.


5. First Role


Soma started her career with the role of Mircha in Lapataganj and this role made her quite famous among comedy lovers.

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6. Her Love Life


She met her Ex husband on a social networking site and thereafter they started dating but after 10 years of marriage it didn’t work out and eventually, they got separated with mutual concern.