Aamir Khan Was Offered ‘2.0’ But He Rejected Due To This Reason

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2.0 is arguably the most anticipated movie that is scheduled to release in the next year. The stunning as well as villainous look of Akshay Kumar and the heroic Rajinikanth are the subjects of interest in the movie. Due to the ultimate success of Robot, the film is expected to be a superhit. However, the fact is that the film was offered to Aamir Khan but he eventually declined the project.


Aamir Khan Was Offered The Film

Aamir Khan

In an interview with ZeeEtc Aamir Khan said,”Rajini sir himself wasn’t feeling well that time so he told Shankar, please request Aamir. Rajini Sir called me up and said: ‘Please do the film’.”


“I Could Not See Myself In The Film”- Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

It was not about the script or amount but it was something else due to which Aamir refused to do the movie. He said, “It’s a superb script and it’s going to do very well. Whenever I used to shut my eyes, I used to see Rajini sir in that role. I could not see myself.”


Film Relates To Rajinikanth

Aamir Khan

He continued that the film relates to Rajinikanth. “Emotionally, when I used to think of the film, think of the scene, Rajini sir used to come in my head. I could not imagine myself doing it. Then I told Shankar that I won’t be able to do it. Only Rajini sir can do it. He is irreplaceable.”


Furthermore, he said “I can only imagine Rajini sir in this. See, he had also done the first part, I had seen the first part and I loved it.”

From above statements, Aamir Khan has proved that he is a true legend. He deserves our respect both as an actor and as a human being. What do you say about it? Share in the comments. Also check, can you recognize Urvashi Rautela In Her School days Pictures? Check the most expensive outfits weared by Actors ? Do you real names of Rajinikanth and other Bollywood stars ? Check them here.


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