Do You Know These 10 Dangerous Actions Were Legal In The Past

Dangerous ActionsDangerous Actions


You will be astonished to know about these weirder things which happened in the past. And do you know? They were completely legal!

Here are the 10 dangerous and scary actions that were permissible in the past.

1. Cocaine Was Sold Without Doctor’s Prescription – US


100 years ago, Cocaine was available in drugstores and sold without a prescription to heal coughs and toothache. Yes, you read it right. At that time, people didn’t treat this substance as harmful. To the surprise, Cocaine was also recommended as a sedative for kids.


2. Parents Used To Send Their Kids Through The Parcel – US


Doesn’t this sound weird? But at the beginning of the 20th century, Americans used to send their kids to relatives house through the mail lawfully. And it costs around 15 cents if their kid weighed no more than a standard parcel.


3. Wire Cages For Babies – Britain


British people used these wire cages in 1930s.  The reason was kids could breathe fresh air while their mothers were busy with household duties.


4. Garden Hermit – Germany


In the 18th century, rich people used to have a personal hermit who lived in their garden. And one of the rules that hermit should follow were not to wash or cut their nails and hair. This was to show off their “live decorations” in front of their visitors.


5. Awful Treatment Methods – US


Doctors had no clue about disinfection and used strange methods to cure it. They were bloodletting, tongue cutting against stammering, as well as lobotomy and electric shock treatment. Even the most successful doctors of that time did lots of operations with lethal outcomes. Aren’t those methods horrible?


6. Radioactive Toys From An American Athlete


In the 1950s, atomic toys were really popular. It included real polonium and uranium in small quantities.


7. Human Zoos – Wait…What?!  –  Europe


Even to spell this, I literally cried. Are they really humans? How can they disrespect other humans like this? What kind of act this is? It’s really shameful entertainment existed for many years. And do you know?  Their aim behind this was to show people from Asia and Africa as “proof” of Darwin’s theory.


8. Amusement Excursions To Mental Hospitals! – London


Yes, you read it right. Psychiatric patients were treated awfully in the past. Even though relatives paid for patients’ accommodation, the staff of mental hospitals rarely fed people and created a small business. What they did was a very brutal act. It said, “willing visitors could pay a certain sum of money to have a look at the poor people and even poke them with a stick”.


9. Collecting Body Parts Was A Hobby – America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania for millennia


In this picture, you can see an American sailor with the skull of a Japanese soldier during World War II. Even the reputable gentlemen used to have their own pathoanatomical rooms at home. The soldiers used to take home their enemy’s skull.


10. Women Had To Smoke During Pregnancy – America


70 years ago, American doctors recommended their pregnant patients to smoke to get rid of constipation. Woman was allowed to smoke in the hospital even after they gave birth to a baby. 

Aren’t they scary even to imagine? Do you know any other dangerous habits that were strictly followed in the past? Share us in the comments. There are dangerous and scary movies which took away the life of several people. Read more here.

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