Certain Puzzle Questions Asked in Interviews?



All of us have given interviews and faced different difficult questions. Below are some of the most famous Interview Puzzles being asked in top tech companies at IITs, NITs, DCE, BITSs etc. Let us know about some of the questions so that in future we remain more prepared for these puzzling questions.

The first puzzle that comes to mind is


2 Eggs and 100 Floor Classic Puzzle


Assume that there is a working with 100 stories. You are given 2 indistinguishable eggs. The most fascinating property of the eggs is that each egg has its own “edge” floor. How about we call that floor N. This means the egg won’t break when dropped from any floor beneath floor N, however the egg will break from any floor above floor N, including floor N itself.

For instance, if the property of the eggs is that N levels with 15, those eggs will dependably break on any floor higher than or equivalent to the fifteenth floor, yet those eggs will never break on any floor beneath floor 15. The same remains constant for the other egg since they are indistinguishable.

Here is the riddle: What system ought to be taken keeping in mind the end goal to minimize the quantity of egg drops used to discover floor N (the edge floor) for the egg? Likewise, what is the base number of drops for the most pessimistic scenario utilizing this procedure?

Another puzzle that happens to be asked


Five pirates and gold coin Puzzle


5 privateers of various ages have a fortune of 100 gold coins.

On their boat, they choose to part the coins utilizing this plan:

The most seasoned privateer proposes how to share the coins, and ALL privateers (counting the most seasoned) vote in favor of or against it.

On the off chance that half or a greater amount of the privateers vote in favor of it, then the coins will be shared that way. Something else, the privateer proposing the plan will be tossed over the edge, and the procedure is rehashed with the privateers that remain.

As privateers have a tendency to be a ruthless cluster, if a privateer would get the same number of coins on the off chance that he voted in favor of or against a proposition, he will vote against so that the privateer who proposed the arrangement will be tossed over the edge.

Expecting that each of the 5 privateers are keen, normal, eager, and don’t wish to bite the dust, (and are somewhat great at math for privateers) what will happen?

So, now we at least know 2 questions that are generally asked.

Hope now we are a bit more prepared for our next interview.

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