10 Cemeteries That Will Scare You Forever Even In Dreams



We fear to cross the roads even in the morning times where graveyards exist . And night!!!…..oh come on no way of talking about that.

We often hear so many spooky stories of paranormal activities.

But these 10 cemeteries are something mysterious even till date.

Get ready for spine-tingling creepy experience!!


1. Greyfriars Kirkyard — Edinburgh, Scotland


According to visitors and tour guides, the Greyfriars’ poltergeist of Sir George Mackenzie is capable of physically attacking people. If you are a ghost lover and always fascinate about it yeah you may give a try.


2. Stull Cemetery (The Gates to Hell) — Douglas County, Kansas


It’s called The Gates of Hell because it’s believed that the whole graveyard is filled with evil forces, especially near the church.


3. Highgate Cemetery — North London, England


This cemetery is famous for being haunted by the Highgate Vampire. According to urban legend, the Highgate Vampire is a 7-foot-tall phantom that has attacked people since 1960.


4. Boot Hill —Tombstone, Arizona


According to Terry Ike Clanton, this cemetery is haunted by a ghost who’s wielding a knife. Clanton was trying to take a black and white picture at the cemetery, and when he developed his pictures he realized there was a mysterious man behind him. He said that no one was behind him at the time the photo was taken.


5. Cemetery Hill — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


It is one of the most haunted places after the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Visitors have claimed to experience phantom smells and apparitions of ghosts warning people to leave.


6. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery — Bremen, Illinois


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is famous for the apparition of a transparent woman sitting on a tombstone. She has been named The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove. There have been actual pictures taken of the woman sitting on the tomb as she stares of into the distance.


7. Resurrection Cemetery — Justice, Illinois


It’s believed to be home of the famous ghost Resurrection Mary or Bloody Marry, depending on who you ask. According to locals, Mary’s ghost is a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a white dress. She’s been seen hitchhiking near the cemetery. Other say that she’s been spotted dancing around the cemetery.


8. St. Louis Cemetery — New Orleans


Once the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is visited, it is said that her spirit haunts those who dare knock on her tomb.


9. Chamula Cemetery, Mexico


It was intended to be a Catholic church in the 1960s when the full-time priest left, with no formal mass held ever since. It has rows of raised graves, with thousands of bodies.


10. Witches Cemetery, Tennessee, USA


Peculiarly, there are pentagrams etched into the stone grave markers which are said to contain the witch’s evil powers. There are also numerous claims about strange lights in the woods at night with others claiming to find animals that have been sacrificed in rituals on the graveyard’s grounds.

Risk on your own!!

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