These Scary Two Line Horror Stories Which Will Haunt You

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Do you get scared easily? Well, then you might not want to read these short two-line horror stories because they are terrifying! These two liners will surely give you the chills down your spine and keep you up at night. Ghosts either real or not real, they sure do give you the kick and are scary enough to keep you up at night! We don’t know if ghosts and spirits exist and man fears what he doesn’t understand. This topic which we don’t understand gives humans a lot of fear. 


1. This One Is A Killer For Sure

Scary Story 1

Well looks like I won’t be going home tonight. I rather work late hours than see this! Scary right?


2. Who Took The Picture?

Scary Story 2

 Sleepwalking is a thing right? maybe I might be taking selfies in my sleep. I hope I do.


3. Game Of Shadows

Scary Story 3

 Now here is something science cant prove. For my sake, I actually hope they do!


4. What’s Poppin’?

Scary Story 4

 There are two things that scare me the most. Clowns and Mannequins. Yes, definitely mannequins are scary.


5. Cat-astrophy!

Scary Story 5

 Poor cat knew I was gone from day one. This is why animals should be able to talk. At least they can warn me about such things.


6. Knock-Knock!

Scary Story 6

 Mirror mirror on the wall who is the scariest ghost of them all. I hope at least now the ladies of my house get ready without spending too much time in front of a mirror.


7. Should I Get A Better Lock?

Scary Story 7

 This is why people tend to choose houses in busy places. The good thing is the door is always open to running away.


8. Nightmares

Scary Story 8

Something like this will definitely give me sleepless nights just thinking about the fact that there might be a boogie man under my bed.


9. Gross

Scary Story 9

 Ewww. This is just disgusting. Getting used to it is one thing but this is a whole new story. I think she requires a doctor’s appointment soon.


10. I Do Not Have A Baby

Scary Story 10

No wonder some people decide not to have babies. After hearing this even I am starting to think its a bad idea.

Nerve chilling two lines stories aren’t they! I would surely be scared senseless if any of the above happened to me. Would like to read more scary stuff? Well, read this story about a ghost town in Gujarat!

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