10 Strange Marriage Customs From Around The World




Have you ever seen someone practice crying before wedding?  Did you ever help your friend in kidnapping bride? smiley Marriages are made in Heaven and every country around the world has traditions of marriage. Let’s see some weird marriage customs from the world.


1. The Blackening Of The Bride

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Here is the Scotland tradition. Both bride and groom are pelted with rotten eggs, tar, food trash, mud and dead fish as a pre-wedding tradition. Later she is tied to a tree. It is to prepare bride for anything that comes after marriage.

Weird isn’t it? cool


2. Crying Ritual In China


Brides usually get emotional before leaving their parental house. But for Tujia people in China, it’s different. Brides here start crying every single day for 1 hour for a month before their wedding. This is considered as an expression of joy. All females in house join her daily.

What do you feel?crying


3. Dissecting Baby Chick For Liver


To fix the wedding date, the bride and bridegroom of Daur people in China dissect the baby chick for liver. If that liver is healthy, they can proceed or else they have to repeat this process till they get healthy liver.

No words to say!!!indecision Disgusting, I mean how can you kill the chick for some silly tradition.


4. Become Fatter Before Wedding


In India, Bride and Bridegroom do lot of exercises and maintain diet to become slim. But for the brides in Mauritania it is different. They are force-fed to become fatter for their wedding. They believe it brings prosperity.

The ultimate Bizarre!!!surprise


5. Here Comes The Bridal Kidnap


This ritual is widely practiced by Romanian people. The groom has to kidnap his bride or elope without consent of their parents. If he can be with her for atleast 2 to 3 days then she is declared as her wife.

Crazy, isn’t it?laugh


6. Shooting The Bride


Groom should shoot his bride with three bows and arrows without arrowheads in China’s Yugur culture. Once it is over, groom has to collect those arrows and break them. This means the love bond between the couple lasts forever.

What happens if this tradition is kept in India? cheeky


7. Bathroom Ban For 3 Days



The Tidong community in Borneo should stick to a room for 3 days. They are not allowed to take a dump and pee for 3 days and 3 nights.

Imagine the Agony?sad


8. Steal The Shoes


This is seen in some parts of India that bride’s family tries to steal the shoes of groom. If they succeed then groom has to pay huge amount to get it back.

Like a Treasure hunt, it’s time for shoe hunt wink


9. Spit On the Bride


It is the Maasai tradition of Kenya that father spits on his daughter’s head and breasts before she leaves the village with his husband. In addition to spitting, bride must shave her head completely.


10. Time To Beat The Groom’s Feet With Fish


It’s the Korean tradition to beat the groom’s feet with fish or cane before his first night. It is to make sure that he won’t disappoint on his wedding night.

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