Feeling Of Sex Workers About Having Sex With Unknown People Everyday



Most of us wonder about the life and struggles of a sex workers. In reality, not knowing and repressing the talks about them, have made it a forbidden fantasy for most people. It is no wonder that one of the most repressed topic in India is talking about sexual desires and preferences. Thus making it very difficult for anyone to seek answers to their questions about the topic.

We bring in some replies for your queries, as answered by a sex worker.

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How many clients do sex workers see a day?

“We don’t see as many men as people think we do. Each day is different. If you reach five, that’s a busy day. I only once saw around 10 guys in a day. Not all of them wanted sex.” says  Talya De Fay through her Quora reply.


What do sex workers feel about having sex with unknown people everyday?

Talya feels the sex workers job is like every other job. She even adds ”All jobs require professionalism at work. Sex work sex and private life sex are two totally different things. Work sex is about meeting the clients needs to relax in a safe place. Its a place of non judgement. A break from society’s burdens.”


Have you ever fallen for a client?

”I am not physically attracted to all my clients” she says. And then she adds ”There is always something about that person I find attractive or admire. Their Shyness. Humor. Intellect.Experience.Skill.Etc”


How about your date life?

Though Talya De Fay  is not currently seeing anyone now. Incidentally she has done it earlier, “I have dated once while working. He knew my job. The relationship was healthy. We stopped dating when he wanted more” Talya De Fay  is open to dating and obviously she wants someone who accepts her and her profession.


How does your family react to it?

Her family and friends do know what she does for her living. Moreover she adds “I call my mum everyday after work on my way home. My family comes first.”

Talya De Fay is single. She works four days a week in a licensed brothel in NSW Australia. She writes at Scarlett Academy about the sex industry and tries to bring out the truth and myths about the industry. She also writes for the Huffington Post. 

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