Norway’s Compulsory Conscription For Women Soldiers Shocks You!!



Seems, Norway wants to stand in the crowd. It thought something uniquely to bring in conscription for women.

In the Norwegian military, both men and women are expected to share mixed dorms.

The military welcomed its first female helicopter pilot, female jet fighter pilot and female submarine commander in the early 1990s.

But in 2013, the Norwegian parliament passed a law applying military conscription to both sexes.

Usually women sign up for military when they are aged 19 and have been able to volunteer for military service for almost 40 years now, helping to gradually feminize the armed forces.




'In operations, it's an advantage having females. They have access to parts of the population that men don't have, for instance for intelligence gathering,' Lt Col Berglund said.


Only The Most Motivated Given Chance


The army needs less than 10,000 new recruits each year, far fewer than the 60,000 who are liable to be called up. That means that only the most motivated will actually be asked to serve, in a country where military service is often seen as a personal accomplishment highly valued on the job market.

The 18-year-old shares living quarters with another woman and four men. Camouflage gear and a military-issued flask are neatly organized in a metal cupboard, only a bra and handbag indicating the presence of a woman.




Nina Hellum, a researcher at the Norwegian Research Defence Establishment, said there was no danger in having men and women share dormitories.

'We see that exposure to each other increases tolerance, acceptance and understanding toward each other,' she said.

'You don't s*** in your own nest. You don't want to have sex and fraternize with anyone in your room for example or in your small unit because that makes it quite awkward.', she added.

Male recruit Kasper Sjavag said the men were initially 'a little shy'.




'We didn't really know how to behave around the girls,' he admitted. 'But once the initial awkwardness had passed, we relaxed and the girls were soon just like us.

'From a social aspect, the guys treat us well and they're respectful. There are a few who aren't used to being with girls but I think it'll be fine,' she added.

Army showed an overwhelming response that majority of female soldiers are in favour of unisex dorms, according to a recent survey by Norwegian. However, 18 percent still said they had been subjected to inappropriate comments.


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