These Places Around The World You Can Travel At The Price Of iPhone 14

Places You Can Travel At The Price Of iPhone 14

Will you instead invest money on a phone or travel to a country that would create life-long memories? Although the Apple hype is real, the products are cutting-edge in terms of technology. The downside of technology is that it quickly becomes outdated. Having reality experiences can, however, be a deal-breaker. Particularly if you want to create lasting memories with your friends, family, or significant other. For those who share this sentiment, the following is a list of places you can travel by spending just enough money to purchase an iPhone 14.


1. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea can be explored if North Korea is a destination that no tourist wishes to visit. It is a traveler’s paradise due to its diverse geography and magnificent views. It is known for its Buddhist temples and fishing villages. Its landscape, lush surroundings, and cherry trees are all attractive features. In addition to this, it has high-tech cities and tropical islands as well. A flight to South Korea can be booked from Kolkata and other significant international airports. According to reports, you can spend 3–4 days here for about 80,000. Among the places to see are Kaong-Wha Station, Goggy Beach, and Guang-N Bridges.


2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Cost

Hong Kong is a stunning contrast of glitzy and opulent landmarks. Also worth seeing are the distinctive terrain, historic temples & monasteries, famous eateries, and waterfronts. It is known for having the most beautiful skyline and breathtaking walks worldwide. In addition, Hong Kong is home to notable cruises, an abundance of aquatic activities, and glass-cable car rides. Not to mention well-known sights like Madame Tussauds, Ocean Park, and Disneyland. There are countless opportunities for visitors to see the city, from walking tours to exploring the waterways.


3. Indonesia

Indonesia Bali Travel Cost

Explore this well-known location’s captivating beauty by going there. You also don’t need to be concerned about visa-related complications. If they are going to Indonesia for a short period for tourism or business, Indian visitors won’t need a visa. They can simply obtain a visa on arrival once they arrive in Indonesia. This year, consider Indonesia in more depth than just Bali. Perhaps the mysterious Torajaland, which is an anthropology lesson, could be one of the destinations. This is where you can enjoy the sea and the mountains.


4. Thailand


This country is primarily famous for its temples. It is an extremely popular vacation spot among Indians. Tourists are drawn to Thailand because of its rich cultural heritage. All year long, travelers come here to the area for its lavish temples and beautiful beaches. Phi Phil, Koh Samui, and Koh Pha Ngan are some of the islands that you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re here. According to reports, if you have 80,000 Indian Rupees, you could easily spend 4-5 days here.


5. Singapore


One of the most expensive nations in the world may be Singapore. However, one can also plan a budget trip easily if the planning of everything is proper. The area is a food and nature lover’s heaven, bursting with cutting-edge activities and fantastic food stands.


6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the most well-liked location for honeymoons and romantic getaways. It’s safe to say that visiting this country won’t break the bank. You can obtain an E-Visa before visiting this country. The importance of tourism to this island nation has increased significantly in recent years. Particularly now, when they are experiencing a serious economic crisis. Additionally, Sri Lanka is famous for its gorgeous beaches and year-round golden sun. Surfing on the waves, diving amid the magnificent coral reefs, and relaxing on the lovely beaches are all available. Some of the beaches that provide this relief are Negombo, Bentota, and Ambalangoda.


7. Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Cost

Vietnam is a stunning nation rich with stunning natural scenery and historic monasteries. The nation has a very strong tea culture. You may experience many thrilling water sports and learn about Vietnamese culture here. You can have pleasure on vacation to Vietnam if you have INR 80,000 in your pocket.

Travel awakens your senses, which also enables you to see how other civilizations are. You can acquire information, experiences, and memories through travel. Furthermore, investing in these is far more valuable than in technology.

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