TCS Asks Employees To Resume Work From Office Or Face Action

TCS Emails Employees

Work From Home Ends For TCS

Work-from-home culture finally ends after 2 years for the employees of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, several corporate offices allowed their employees to work from home. Several companies were still following the WFH culture, but TCS is opting itself out now. How? As Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, TCS  emails employees to return back to the office.

Read on to know what TCS mentioned in the email and how long the employees are supposed to come into the office in greater detail.


Work From Office, Three Days A Week

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TCS emails employees via an internal email in order to inform them that they would need to work from the office. It said that the employees need to work three days a week, according to the roster set by the organization. The email also talked about how senior leaders have already resumed operating from their base locations.

The email TCS sent did not discuss any deadline for the employees. However, it did mention for everyone to get in touch with their HR business partners for further clarification.

Earlier TCS sought the help of social media platforms in order to persuade employees to come office. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are to name those platforms. Via social media posts, TCS tried to invoke nostalgia among the employees. Nostalgia about working-in-office. This campaign started a few weeks ago. However, now they sent an official email asking to rejoin.


Vision To Transition To The 25×25 Model

Tata Consultancy Services TCS

According to The Times of India, a spokesperson said that TCS is all set to follow its 25×25 plan. In their vision to transition, TCS would adopt a new operating model in which only 25% of its workforce would be in the office at any given point in time. The ‘25×25 model’ was announced by CEO Rajesh Gopinathan in May 2020. The top TCS executive said,

“We envisage that by the year 2025, no more than 25% of our employees would need to be at a TCS facility at a point in time, and no individual would have to spend more than 25% of their time at a TCS facility to be 100% productive. We believe this is a more balanced approach and will give our employees the best of both worlds. In this model, the role of the office itself will change significantly.”

“In the new model, offices will become ideation and innovation hubs, using in-person interactions for brainstorming and team-building, while day-to-day work can be performed from anywhere.”

To cut it short, even after post lockdown era, TCS is seeking only 25% of its employees to attend office.


Here Is The Email By TCS

Tata Consultancy Services TCS Employees


As you are aware, we have started work-from-office, and our senior leaders have been working from TCS offices for a while now as things have become normal. It is now time that our larger teams should start working from the office as well. This will also be an opportunity to welcome a significant number of our new colleagues who have joined us over the last two years, most of whom have not yet been to a TCS office.

As part of our ‘Return to Office’ initiative, all TCSers are expected to work from the office at least 3 days a week. Your respective managers will now roster you to work from the TCS office, and you shall receive notifications regarding the same. In case you need any support, please reach out to your HR Business Partner.

Kindly note that adherence to rostering is mandatory, and your attendance will be tracked. Needless to mention, any non-compliance will be taken seriously, and administrative measures may be applied.

I am sure each one of you will comply with the requirement of ‘Return to Office’ and will help in making the workplace vibrant again.

Looking forward to seeing you in the office!


This is how working in Tata  Consultancy Services would be from now onwards!

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