A Guy Claims ‘Working In TCS Is Like A Government Job’ And Shares The Alleged Perks

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Many people dream of getting a government job. For that, they spend sleepless nights for their studies and exams. There are struggles with everything you do in life. The old generation always believes that government jobs are secure. They push the youngsters to take government jobs. The government jobs have fixed timings, job security, on-time salary, and many other perks. Many people think that government jobs are comfortable and employees can enjoy unlimited breaks during office hours. Recently, a user Ravi Handa shared a post on Twitter that created a stir on social media. He has compared Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with the government office. In the caption, he wrote ‘TCS is the new Government Job.’

In the post, the user describes why working in TCS is like a government job. He has put the points in the post in detail. The post reads,

‘I currently work at TCS, I would be a better person to answer this.’

TCS Work Culture

Some of the points in the post read,

  • You will never lose your job unless you breach Tata code of Conduct.
  • You will get your salary on time.
  • Your manager will not judge you based on work/skills.
  • You will have a lot of free time to spend on other things.
  • Unlimited lunch and chai breaks.
  • Nobody cares what you do unless you break the rules.
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Some of the users disagreed with the same and put their views in the comments. One user wrote, “This is very untrue. We work our asses off to live upto the standards. Things mentioned above are rare in some support projects but vast majority of our workforce is hard working, that’s how we’ve managed to be the number one in all metrics among Indian Tech companies.” Another user added, “Served 2 years in that mediocrity when I started my career. What I never liked was the unfairness, some people on bench for 11 months and no one bothered to fire them. Guys like me in a development project were forced to work 11 hours a day including half the weekends.”

Well, we need more clarity on this? Any TCS employee who is reading the article, can you please share your experiences with others? Is working in TCS like a government job? Share your experience in the comments below.

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