Here’s How Singapore Achieved This Rapid Growth Over A Short Period

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First of all, Singapore is a very noteworthy country in south-east Asia. It is a popular tourist destination and also a great place to live. Almost only half the size of Delhi, managed to get more developed than most nations in the world. How did they achieve this? Through information from Ranis Singh, the East Asian Affairs specialist, we can see the main motives behind this country’s splendid development.


1. Housing

Singapore Rapid Growth Facts

Housing is the first and most important thing for any settlement. It did this very efficiently by establishing the Housing Development Board that was committed to giving homes for each family. Thanks to their efforts they managed to change the place to a metropolis.


2. Employment

Singapore Rapid Growth Facts

Furthermore, Another key factor for an effective living is work. It tackled this through the establishment of the Economic Development Board. This organ worked toward providing employment to not just domestic people but also to encourage external investments. In conclusion, Everyone is employed in some form.


3. Health Care

Singapore Rapid Growth Facts

Health is everything. In addition, Singapore bears 1/3rd of healthcare costs while the citizens give 2/3rds thereby making it affordable. The lowest income earners earn get much help from several schemes.

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