Places That Will Pay You To Live There And Offer Many Incentives


13. Lincoln, Kansas, USA – Pays Off Your Student Loan


To encourage more people to move to Lincoln, Kansas is offering free building lots of between 12,000 and 36,000 square feet. These plots are qualified for the city’s ten-year property tax rebate program and are within walking distance of shops and medical, educational, recreational and cultural facilities.

If you want to pay off your student loan fast and if you’re an American or dual-citizen then you should think about Kansas. The state has identified 77 counties as Rural Opportunity Zones, where they’ll pay up to US$15,000 of your student loan and give you a state income tax waiver for up to five years if you move there.


14. New Zealand – Offers New Home


The town of Kaitangata offers a new home with a 4 acre of land for 230,000 New Zealand Dollars which is equal to $165,000.


15. Ireland – Funds Entrepreneurs


If you feel that your startup has a large growth probability, you can apply for funding with Enterprise Ireland. If accepted, you are rewarded with thousands of Euros in funds and the opportunity to live and work in Ireland.

Amazing, isn’t it? Many students are struggling to repay education loan due to unemployment. If the Indian government too does something for such students, it would be a big relief.

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