List Of The Countries With The Most Powerful Military Forces, Check Out India’s Rank

Indian Military Is More Powerful Than Pakistani Military

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Global Fire Power has unveiled the list of most powerful Military forces in the world India has retained the fourth spot and our neighbor country China is one spot ahead of us on the third spot. Moreover, another neighbor country, Pakistan is on the seventeenth spot on the list of most powerful Military forces. India and China have retained their ranks while Pakistan slipped four spots as last year it was on the thirteenth spot. Now let us take a look at some factors that define the strength of the countries.



Most Powerful Military Forces

In the list of 136 countries, America topped and it was followed by Russia, China, and India on the second, third and fourth spots respectively. If we talk about the number of soldiers, China has the most number of soldiers (21.8 Lakh). India is in the second place in terms of manpower with 13.6 Lakh soldiers. On the other hand, the Pakistani military has the half of the manpower that Indian military has. America has 12.8 Lakh, active soldiers, while Russia has 10 Lakh.



Most Powerful Military Forces

The aircraft define the strength of the air-forces of the respective countries. America has 13,362 aircraft. There is a huge difference between America and any other country if we talk about the air-force strength. Russia is on the second spot in this field as they have 3914 aircraft. China and India are on the third and fourth spots respectively. India has 2,185 aircraft while Pakistan has only 1,281.



Most Powerful Military Forces

Russia has the most powerful armed forces on the land. They have 20,300 tanks which are nearly thrice than the tanks in Chinese armed forces. China is in the second spot with 7,716 tanks. America (5.884), North Korea (5243) and Egypt (4946) has more tanks than India (4426) has. But still, India has twice the number of tanks as Pakistan (2182) has.



Most Powerful Military Forces

North Korea has the maximum number (967) of warheads in its arsenal. It is followed by China with 714 warheads. America (415), Iran (398) and Russia (352) are on the third, fourth and fifth spots respectively. India has 295 warheads while Pakistan has only 197.

The nuclear power and the political power is not being included in the index. From the above stats, it is clear that India has one of the most Powerful Military forces. What do you say about this, share your thoughts in the comments?

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