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Semi-finals, FIFA 2018: France And Croatia Wins – Watch Match Highlights Here

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After the stunning matches in Quarterfinals, FIFA 2018 Semi-finals had two matches. They were France vs Belgium and Croatia vs England. Read on to know about the summaries of the matches from Semi-finals. Here’s how the matches went down.


France Vs Belgium

The match took place at Saint Petersburg Stadium. The match was off for a slow start as both teams tried feverishly to score a goal. But neither of them scored and had a score of 0 – 0 during halftime. France scored first as Samuel Umtiti scored the first goal for France at the 51st minute. It gave France the lead with a score of 1 – 0. This goal was a gamechanger as France held there defense strong and made sure Belgium didn’t score. Despite several attempts, the Belgium team couldn’t score. France became the first country to enter into the finals of FIFA 2018.


Croatia Vs England

The match was held at Luzhniki Stadium. England scored right off when Kieran Trippier scored the first goal of the game at the very 5th minute. This goal gave England the lead with a score of 1 – 0. Despite several attempts from Croatia, they couldn’t score. The score remained 1 – 0 at halftime with England in the lead. The score remained the same until the 68th minute when Ivan Perisic scored a goal for Croatia and leveled the scored as 1 – 1. This went on till the end of the match. The tension was so high that even during the extra time.

Finally, Mario Mandzukic scored the last goal making the score 2 – 1 with Croatia in the lead. Croatia will now face Belgium and the winner will face France in the finals of the FIFA 2018 World Cup Series. It was a stunning victory for Croatia.


Well, that’s how FIFA 2018 Semi-finals went down. What do you think about the two matches? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Also, check out Nigerian Captain Mikel had to go through during his match against Argentina, here.

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