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Third Play Off, FIFA 2018: Belgium Wins – Watch Match Highlights Here

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After a stunning round of semi-finals the third play off was held between Belgium and England. Here’s how the third play off went. Read on for the match summary.


Belgium Vs England

The match was held at Saint Petersburg Stadium. Belgium steered towards the lead in a very early stage. At the very fourth minute, T. Meunier scored a goal giving Belgium the lead. Though England tried many shots, they were not fortunate enough to land a goal.

The score remained as 1 – 0, at halftime with Belgium in the lead. After a lot of attempts and tries from both sides, E. Hazard scored the second goal for Belgium making the score 2 – 0. Belgium was now two goals ahead of England to having the third position in FIFA 2018 World Cup.


The score went on to remain the same till the end of the match as Belgium showed a great display of defense and didn’t let England score against them. The match ended with 2 – 0 score with Belgium winning the match.


Watch Third Play Off Highlights Here

By winning the Third Play Off, Belgium has bagged the third position in FIFA 2018, World Cup. That’s how the match went down. Are you excited for the finals? What do you think about this match? Let us know in the comments below.

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