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India is an agriculture-based economy as its growth mainly depends on villages. Nearly, 70% of Indians live in rural areas. Every city and village is different from others. India is a land of beautiful landscapes.

The picturesque villages galore the captivating landscape of India. Lack of education and even basic needs, poverty, are waning away the charm of villages. However, there are a few villages that set an example for other villages.

Here are the 25 interesting and inspirational Indian villages that stood as a shining example.


1. Kokrebellur, Karnataka – A Village That Treats Birds As Part Of Their Family


Usually, farmers keep a scarecrow in their farm to keep birds away from their crop, but in Kokrebellur, they created an exclusive area just to feed the birds. You can find the rare species of birds visiting this place.

The villagers treat these birds as a part of their family that they created a separate area for wounded birds to rest and heal. The amazing thing is birds are so friendly that you can go very close to them.


2. Chizami, Nagaland – A Model Village In Naga Society


In order to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the marginalized women in the district as well as preserve the unique textile tradition of Nagaland, NEN started Chizami weaves in 2008 which is a decentralized livelihood project.

The project which started with seven weavers, Chizami Weaves today has a strong network of more than 300 women in Chizami and 10 other villages in Phek district.

The weavers have diversified into products such as stoles, belts, bags, cushion covers, mufflers,  table mats and runners that are now shipped to emporiums in New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

The interesting thing is marginalized women have played an important role in bringing about this socio-economic and sustainable transformation that is rooted in traditional practices of the state.


3. Gangadevipalli, Telangana – A Supermodel Village That Achieved All The Bare Necessities Through Unity


Run by an all-woman panchayat, the village has enforced an alcohol ban for 25 years, has 100 percent literacy and has a toilet in every house.

The president of the village formed a disciplined and determined community that has also managed to work in harmony towards goals set collectively.

They did not wait for the government to fund the development works in the village. The village took help from social service organizations like Bala Vikasa and slowly started working towards the development of the village. With a population of a little over 1,300, the village has 100 percent adult literacy.


4. Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra – The Village Of Millionaires


A misfortune can be changed to a fortune with proper vision. And this village located on a drought-prone region in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra made it. Out of 182 families, 168 were below the poverty line.

This change happened when Popatrao Pawar was elected as the sarpanch of the village in 1990. He banned all addictive substances to minimize expenses and encouraged the villagers to invest in rain-water harvesting and cattle farming. In comparison to monthly per capita income of Rs. 830 in 1995, it grew up to Rs. 30,000 till 2012, resulting in 60 millionaires in the village.


5. Punsari, Gujarat – The Village With All The Urban Facilities


Located in Gujarat, the village provides 24-hour Wi-Fi connectivity, solar-powered lamps, clean drinking water at a nominal cost of Rs 4 for a 20-liter drinking water, CCTV cameras in the primary school, an independent bus service, and much more.

Every home has toilets. There are five primary schools, proper street lights, a primary health center, and a drainage system that functions. The villagers even have an accidental cover of Rs 1 lakh and a medical-claim cover of Rs 25,000.

And all of it was done in a matter of eight years, at a cost of Rs. 16 crore. The man behind the transformation is its young tech-savvy sarpanch – 33-year-old Himanshu Patel – who proudly states that his village offers “the amenities of a city but the spirit of a village.”

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