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21. Khonoma, Nagaland – India’s First Green Village


Home to a 700-year-old Angami settlement and perfectly terraced fields, this India’s first green village is a testament to the willpower of the tribal groups of Nagaland to protect and conserve their natural habitat. Hunting is banned in the village.


22. Ramchandrapur, Telangana – The Village That Solved Drinking Water Problem


All the houses in the village have toilets with tap-water facilities. It is the first village in the state to construct a sub-surface dyke on the nearby river and solve drinking water problems by constructing two over-head tanks in each house. The village utilized government schemes and took up developmental works.


23. Eraviperoor, Kerala – India’s First Village To Achieve Digitalization


Located in south Kerala’s lush green district of Pathanamthitta, Eraviperoor is the first gram panchayat in Kerala to have free Wi-Fi for the general public. It is the first panchayat in the state to get ISO-9001 certification for its Primary Health Centre.

All office records, information, and transactions are digitized. Registration as well as issuing birth, death, and marriage certificates happens within minutes.

The village has also launched a free palliative care scheme for the poor. Horticulture Department recognized this village as a Model Hi-tech Green Village for its green initiatives.


24. Shikdamakha, Assam – The Plastic Free Village


A remote Assam village Shikdamakha wants to surpass Mawlynnong in Meghalaya. Now this village is a plastic-free village that earned the maximum points in the cleanliness sub-index of Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. It has also earned the coveted Open Defecation Free status recently.


25. Ballia, Uttar Pradesh – The Village That Solved Drinking Water Problem That Had Arsenic

Inspirational Villages

The villagers were drinking water that contained arsenic and faced serious skin problems and even many physical deformations. Arsenic if it combined with oxygen or water, it turns toxic.

Ballia village faced this problem after the government introduced many hand-pumps in the area for easy water access. Without waiting for the government, villagers acted on the problem and fixed all the old wells to get rid of the problem.

I found these villages super interesting. Instead of waiting for the government, they formed like a community and solved their problems. If every village thinks like them, then I am sure, we don’t need government.

Did we miss any village that stands as an inspiration? Share us in the comments. And there is a village which rent wives for money.

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